Have an Oyster Baby: Lady Gaga Tweets ‘Venus’ Lyrics

Have an Oyster Baby: Lady Gaga Tweets ‘Venus’ Lyrics

Lady Gaga just can’t seem to contain her excitement as the November 11 release date of her new album approaches.

“A MASTERED COPY OF ARTPOP WAS JUST DELIVERED TO ME, help. its real now. I can’t believe it Ive been waiting to say this for some time..” tweeted Gaga. “THIS IS THE ALBUM OF THE MILLENNIUM!!!!!!!!!!!! :) …  I was trying to think of something more ridiculous than Millennium..ALBUM OF [INFINITY]!”

Later on, Gaga returned to Twitter to share a few lyrics from “Venus,” the second single from ARTPOP, arriving on October 25:

Have an oyster baby

It’s aphrod-i-sy

Act sleazy

I know what you’re thinking: “That’s it?” O_o

Yes, that’s it for now. But October 25 is not too far away.

Lady Gaga Venus Song Lyrics


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