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Jessie J Covers Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ on ‘The Voice UK’

Jessie J Covers Rihanna’s ‘Stay’ on ‘The Voice UK’

Jessie J took to the stage during The Voice UK’s semi-finals this week, performing an interesting rendition of Rihanna’s “Stay.”

She was joined onstage by contestants Ash Morgan and Matt Henry who both added a soft balance to Jessie J’s overbearing vocals. Undoubtedly Jessie J is a phenomenal vocalist and can do impressive things with her voice but she completely over-sang this song.

The original version of “Stay” is intimate and emotional while this cover was very in-your-face. Neither did she have to belt every word of the song nor did every line of the song need a melisma.

This is one time I’ll say I prefer Rihanna’s vocals. I still love you, Jessie…but not this performance.


  • EEG

    I am sooo tired of comments like ‘overbearing vocals’ Jessie j rendition of ”Stay’ was amazing – no one wants to hear a copy of RiHanna it’s been done – I loved Jessie version and I’m glad she put the right amount of emotion in it as opposed to RiRi’s stoned version. Jessie has an amazing voice that can go places most can’t – she shouldn’t be chastised for for using those gifts!

    • Malachi

      Vocal runs do not equal emotion. While Jessie J is always over-the-top, this particular song did not need all of that. My opinion remains firm and unchanged.


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