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Understanding Beyoncé: The Powerful Grown Woman

Understanding Beyoncé: The Powerful Grown Woman

This week, Forbes unveiled their annual World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list and unsurprisingly, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter made the cut Beyonce Mirroronce again. Pulling in at number seventeen, the 31-year-old is the highest-ranking musician on the list. You may ask, “How does she do it?” Well, the answer is quite simple: Beyoncé is not only a musician — she’s a world-class businesswoman.

I cannot count how many times I have heard the line, “Beyoncé will never be as successful as [insert another female pop star’s name here].” As Madonna would say, this statement is rather … “reductive.” Frankly, being a pop star is only a small fraction of the large force Beyoncé is.

Regarding her success as a solo artist, Beyoncé has garnered five number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100, sold more than 100 million records worldwide, and had all four of her studio albums debut at number one on the Billboard 200. Even with a small catalogue, Beyoncé has built a solid legacy as an entertainer and performer, earning respect within the industry that many of her contemporaries have not yet acquired.

Beyonce Mrs Carter Catsuit

This diva’s success secret is obvious: not being a hit-chaser. Instead of shelling out albums every year and tossing singles into the wind, she maintains a balance with a variety of business ventures and takes her time to ensure perfection with everything she does. I mean, how else could you build an empire estimated at $350 million?

Beyoncé’s most recent album, 4, opened atop the Billboard 200 with 310,000 copies sold its first week — her lowest debut to date. Still, the album has now moved approximately 3 million units worldwide since its June 2011 release, despite the inconsistent promotion Beyoncé did due to being pregnant with Blue Ivy. Admittedly, I must say that it’s been harder for Beyoncé to score hit singles than it is for other artists. Her last top ten single as the main artist, “Sweet Dreams,” was released in 2009 while her appearance on Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” pushed her as high as No. 3 the following year. From 4, her highest-charting singles were “Best Thing I Never Had” and “Love on Top,” peaking at numbers 16 and 20, respectively.

However, I look at the bigger picture. Beyoncé’s had a pretty busy past few years including launching businesses, changing up her management and having a baby, all while trying not to miss beat. If Beyoncé really wanted to be at number one, she would simply tailor her sound to fit the current trends rather than experiment with sounds and push her artistry to new limits. Furthermore, Beyoncé is at a place in her career where she has to learn how to cater to the wide range of ages of her audience while staying true to herself, which can be very difficult. Her album was not the most radio-friendly and its promotion was disastrous, but Beyoncé came out on top, with all things considered. She isn’t the most commercially successful artist ever but she is much more than hit singles and record sales.

Since firing her father Mathew Knowles as her manager back in 2011, Beyoncé has signed a $50 million endorsement deal with PepsiCo in which she has full creative control over their collaborations, nabbed the Super Bowl XLVII halftime slot, premiered her autobiographical documentary, Life is but a Dream, on HBO to record viewership, landed a role in the animated film, Epic, and has kicked off the sold out, 55-date The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour. Did I mention that she manages herself?

As far as her philanthropic efforts, Beyoncé recently joined forces with Gucci, Salma Hayek and Frida Giannini to co-found the Chime for Change charity organization that focuses on women and girls’ empowerment. Beyoncé also partnered with Goodwill for the BeyGood campaign, during which she collects goods for charity at select venues on The Mrs. Carter Show.

And then you have her fashion empire, film career, and the many different companies she heads. I could go on …

Simply put, Beyoncé is a grown woman and she can do whatever she wants.

Beyocne Mrs Carter Show Tour

  • Von Tae’

    I love the way you worded this posts ! Absolutely amazing. I agree with EVERYTHING you said. Great post ;)

  • michael (@mikeyswagmike)

    This is just a well written piece and I love that this article highlighted what will be the central part of her legacy which is becoming a female brand. For centuries male artists have been pushing their artistry into the business world ( Jay Z, Diddy, 50, Dr. DRE, Pharell etc) but not many women is doing the same and its a damn shame. Before any of you attack me, thing about how sad it is that Toni Braxton had to file for bankruptcy, that Mary J Blige owe millions in taxes, that Whitney fucking Houston only left about 20 million (and dont try to tell me she spent it all on drugs cause its stupid)… The point is about 90 % of women in the music industry are just making there bosses (males) rich while they getting a little cut . Rih has over 12 #singles and is one of the biggest artist right now but where is she on Forbes, how much of their list can she top? exactly! Its about time women take full control of their careers and become their own pilots and Beyonce is showing girls how

  • Janae

    This article highlights everything I typically say when people try to discredit Beyonce. People call Beyonce vapid, but how is that true? She’s ambitious, loyal, sophisticated, talented, and classy. Yes, classy. She might be a tad bit sexy in music, but she does an excellent job of separating her stage persona from her personal life. Her entertainment is just that- entertainment.

    As the article said, she rarely changes her sound to follow the trend. She is a leader. Outside of the stage, she is fiercely private, which shows that she’s not in this for attention. Other artists thrive off of negative attention and that is how they gain their notoriety. They might have hit songs, but where is the longevity? Beyonce will be a legend in the industry. You can see and hear Beyonce’s growth in her music. “4” might have been underrated because people don’t really appreciate anything other than club songs and pop dance hits. While other artists glorify strippers, Beyonce sings about being passionately in love. There’s a huge difference. On stage, she lets her voice shine instead of distracting you with smoke and mirrors. I feel as though she truly understands the ART behind being a musician.

    Not only that, she’s the only modern entertainer I can think of who openly pushes female empowerment in many ways. She also maintains a relationship and motherhood without losing focus, and that’s tough. Beyonce has built an empire that is close to surpassing her husband’s, all through lucrative business deals. I can go & on, but I’ll save it.

  • Shelbie

    I can see that the figure and person that is Beyonce is being well represented here. Beyonce clearly takes incredible pride in her work. All her albums go number 1, platinum, and grammy award winning. She wants to make a classic album, the singles will speak for themselves. She is a dinner-entertainer which which means she believes in the qualities of voice and physicality over technology and trendiness. Because she has built a brand based on sexy, virtuous, empowered modernity she stays loyal to that because that is the artist and person she truly is and the movement she is apart of.


    I love love love this!!!! I admire Bey so much and not only from a musical aspect.That woman gives her all,even on her off days she fights.I adore her because ,she empowers me to be a strong woman.She shows me that one day I could have it all.She’s not out here chasing hits following what’s hot.No she’s taking her time with this album. As much as I want it now,I respect someone taking time with their craft.

  • Isaiah

    This is what I’m talking about. Like the other comments I like how they are representing Beyoncé in this article. I think that we are focus on singles so much now. I understand that singles are trending in these day and age but you want to be more than a hit making. I respect rihanna and love her attutude about who cares what people think but Beyoncé is just classy. She said she wants to make music that she will listen to when she is 60 or 70 years old. Unlike songs today when you get older you are going to be like what was I thinking. Life is more than sex, drugs, and money, life is but a dream as Beyoncé said it. Have fun with life but also try to be classy. Beyoncé is a great inspiration to many people.

  • Anne

    Wonderful article! Beyoncé continues to grow as an artist, performer, and business woman. I completely agree with the article’s assessment. She could have jumped on the latest bandwagon but she decided to record the music that was influencing her at the time. The result was my favorite album by her thus far, ‘4’. The album is still selling and she is on a successful tour with it as her latest cd. I’m patiently waiting for the new cd but meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy her live performances of the songs from ‘4’ and others. Her latest song from her HBO documentary ‘God Made You Beautiful’ is AMAZING! I can’t wait to hear her perform it live.

    • Malachi

      Thank you for reading!

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