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Jessica Sanchez Flopping with ‘Me, You & the Music’

Jessica Sanchez Flopping with ‘Me, You & the Music’

[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]eason 11 American Idol runner-up Jessica Sanchez seemed to be on the right path after signing with 19 Entertainment/Interscope Records in 2012, but the forecast has changed quite a bit since then.

In late March of this year, Sanchez released her new song “Tonight,” featuring Ne-Yo, which serves as the lead single from her debut album, Me, You & the Music. To date, the single has sold approximately 30,000 copies and has failed to chart on Billboard, despite the duo’s near-perfect performance of the song on American Idol.

Fast-forward to April 30th, Sanchez’s album Me, You & the Music hit stores and its outlook is dismal. According to Hits Daily Double, the project is projected to sell between 15,000 and 17,000 copies by the end of its first week. Fortunately, this sales figure may be substantial enough to earn Sanchez a top ten debut on the Billboard 200 albums chart. (Note: this estimate is for the United States, not internationally.)

I  am incredibly disappointed in the way Sanchez’s project was handled. First, “Tonight” definitely should not have been the lead single, which I’ve said before. The song did nothing to showcase her vocal ability, it sounds generic, and it’s obviously forgettable.

UPDATE: Me, You & the Music debuted at No. 26 on the Billboard 200 with first-week sales of 14,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Secondly, I don’t understand why the album was given a release date prior to seeing how well the lead single would fare commercially. The time between the release of “Tonight” and the album equals a little more than one month, which is very, very rushed. In no fashion is Sanchez a big enough artist who can get away with releasing a lead single followed by an album one month later (if she actually wants commercial success). Rihanna, yes. Sanchez, no.

Sanchez’s team should have given the album, at the very least, two months from the time the lead single was released. Furthermore, when her team realized that “Tonight” fizzled on the charts, they should have taken the cue to choose a new single.

Finally, where was the promo for this album? I’ve seen very few interviews, even fewer performances, and no posters/online advertisements. Womp, womp, womp. It’s almost like Sanchez’s team wanted her to fail.

In other news, Sanchez has landed a recurring role on Glee as Frida Romero. At least if her label causes her music career to fail she’ll have a successful acting career. Though, I really love her as a singer and I wish she were given the proper treatment.

P.S. I think she should release “Gentlemen” as the next single.

  • lara

    a lot of blujays are dying to had it! if made your research right then you will report a different story!!!

    • Jay

      no kidding. I’d like to find the motive behind this unwarranted smear attack.

  • Jay

    OMFG. FLOPPING??? what kind of BS smear campaign is THAT? She is *killing it*

    The album was released at #3 iTunes. after only 2 days, It is top-10 in a dozen countries. That is a SMASHING SUCCESS, not a “flop”.

    you owe her a retraction, and an apology for trying to put out a smear campaign like that. What is your motive?

    • Malachi

      Did any of you READ the post? The numbers don’t lie: 15k to 17k copies is flopping. It’s not her fault, which I dutifully explained.

  • izey

    What the hell is with this article? the “flopping” in the title is very misleading!!! The album is doin’ very well acc. to iTunes and it’s reviews are all good except for this idiot report. Let’s wait ’til there is an official report on its ranking in Billboard!

  • ben nour

    Let’s take this article with a pinch of salt. The writer’s basis seems to be preliminary U.S. sales. If more research was invested in putting the article together, the writer would have seen that the album is doing well on an international level. (Perhaps that should have been the focus of the article as opposed to prematurely claiming the album a “flop”). In the end, Sanchez’s talent will propel her to a strong career that extends far beyond the U.S. ;-)

    • Malachi

      Well, to be frank, I’m not focusing on charts outside of the United States because I’m not as familiar with those markets as I am with the U.S. So, yes, in the U.S., the Me, You & the Music is underperforming.

      I really wish you all would read the post before commenting because I did not blame Jessica for anything. Click her name in the ‘tags’ above and you’d find that I say nothing but positive things about her because she’s great.

  • Wally

    First week sales isn’t eveything. Bruno Mars opened up with 30k in his first week with this debut album, while Grenade was a huge hit. He later then build on his album sales with hit after hit. Its all about longevity, and hit singles from artist. It ain’t flopping, albums sales are horrible in the US. Jessica just needs the backing of Interscope to build on the sales from here.

    • Malachi

      I agree. As I said, I don’t think her label is doing enough. She is an incredible vocalist and I wish they would be wiser with her promo.

  • Autumn

    I’d respect this article more if it weren’t literally the day after the album dropped. She’s at number 13 on iTunes. Do you even know what the term “flop” means? I don’t think so. I will agree that Tonight is an awful song with no imagination and FAR beneath Jessica’s talent. I think In Your Hands would have been an excellent single. Gentlemen would be a good one I can see that as a single in the not too distant future.

  • ramdelossantos

    People! I’m a die hard Blujay but this is actually right!!! The album is not performing that good in the charts! The promotion is not that helpful too! Of course we try to promote her album but Interscope and MAYBE Idol has to do better than that!!!

    And I also believe that Gentlemen, Right to Fall or Crazy Glue should be her next single!!! If they don’t want to promote “Tonight” then release a video for the next single!!! If they’re not happy with it then dump her!!! There are recording companies that would probably help her career BETTER than what she actually have now!!!

    Don’t misunderstand me but please let’s be honest! WE want her to be successful but THIS TIME, they’re not helping as much as she needs them…

    This happened to Haley Reinhart too! But when Interscope freed her, some people might have forgotten what she actually have…

    Ahh! Well, I don’t know if I’m right! But I’m desperate for Jessica to be successful in the industry! Her song is doing GREAT in the PHILIPPINES but she’s competing INTERNATIONALLY… :(

  • Kaba

    I would constitute this as flopping if she weren’t some new to the industry artist.
    Right now, she’s doing promo’s and all that other good stuff.
    Not to mention she took a hell of a lot longer than people expected her to take with an album too. Practically year, she simmered down.
    Right now I assume she’s working on exposure to give the album an insane spike.
    Her music career won’t flop just because of this. Too early to make such a rash assumption.

    • Malachi


  • Luis

    I think her first album is a great one! I like all The songs, she incorporated different styles in just one album and she is very talented. I didn’t liked Tonight but listening to The other songs’ samples I gave her an oppotunity. She should release Right To Fall as The second single


    Malachi is right – the album is a flop at present and the promotion for her is a complete mess. The numbers don’t lie. It doesn’t matter if it debuted at #3 on iTunes, it has shown no momentum at all in the past month. The most recent appearance I’ve seen of her was on the Dancing With The Stars finale this week, where she performed a cover of ‘Feel This Moment’. It was a decent performance but it’s mind boggling as to why she didn’t perform something from her album, considering the large viewing audience that show pulls in and that she had the pimp spot – performing just before the results were going to be announced. I have no idea what Interscope and her management are doing with her promotions-wise – right now, she’s on par to be just another washed up idol finalist.

    She’s a talented vocalist, but as Malachi said, ‘Tonight’ did nothing to showcase her vocal ability. She never presented herself as a generic pop/dance artist during her run on American Idol. I don’t know what kind of artist she sees herself as, but it’s obvious that she’s being pushed into the youth demographic, considering her lead single and involvement with Glee. Interscope does lack that Disney/Nickelodeon type of star but I don’t think Jessica Sanchez fits that mold well.

    • Malachi

      Wow, you just took all the words out of my mouth. ALL of them.

    • Watermelonqueen

      Broadway is where she needs to be!! Or gospel she has two options!

  • IQ

    I’m with you, you’re absolutely right, it’s like her record label & her team sabotage her carrier this early. No publicity, what kind of team she got. She’s a good singer, has a power house voice . I wish her all the luck, God bless her.

    • Watermelonqueen

      She needs to be on Broadway she cannot sing r and b or Pop and she looks even more fake when she tries! Go to gospel or Broadway girl!!!

  • Jim

    Yes, her album is definitely a flop. Off the Billboard Top 200 in 2 weeks, long gone from the iTunes Top 100. Her first single quickly dropped off the charts too. Sanchez fans still complain about her losing Idol but Phillip Phillips has had MUCH more commercial success. His album and two of his singles remain on the charts over 7 months later. Sanchez is a GREAT singer…no doubt about it. But her lack of success isn’t surprising. She’s not a songwriter and not a musician. She’s just a singer. That means her success is entirely dependent upon other people writing songs for her. If someone gave her a good song, she’d kill it. But her voice isn’t going to turn a mediocre song into gold.

  • johnnyboy

    theres many great songs on that album, written and produced by great succes persons. It seems that its all about lack of promoting. For example the album is still not available here in Finland so no one but hardcore AI watchers knows her in here. I had to order her album from UK.

    Seems that its going to be that ‘Haley Reinhart’-case all over again…Whats wrong with those interscope guys?

    I personally think Jessica should be singing r&b / soul. On this album In your hands and drive by fits to that category. But as next single, gentlemen would be great choice, because its damn good song and fits on radio very well.

  • KajV

    14K is no doubt a big flop. I knew the album was going to flop the moment I heard Tonight on AI, it was all fake and not her. She’s still too young and too dumb to realize that just being a singer is not going to cut it. This dna you must have a sign of artistry before people take you seriously. Write, play, produce and perform your own songs are all signs of a great artist and right now she has non of that. She’s just merely a singer. I hope she’ll learn from her mistakes and work harder on her artistry skill and come back stronger in a couple more years.

    • reality

      14K is a big LIE. 14K was the number of PRE-ordered itunes albums the wek prior to the release. This hack writer spread that lie all over twitter. Per jessica’s management, as of October the album was near 100,000 USA, and far more than that internationally.

      • Malachi

        Your information is incorrect, according to Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan. Try again. I have no reason to lie.

        Can you provide me with a source to the numbers you’re claiming? Because I can link you to Billboard and other sources who reported the information I used.

        And stop spamming my comments.

  • Watermelonqueen

    The bitch is garbage can’t dance and her voice sounds like a playback button of JENIFER HUDSON! the number 1 reason she is not successful is because she is not believable a asain girl forcing herself to sound like a black women??? Baby where your self esteem what people are looking for from ASAINS is how you are going to twist your own culture in modern day music! Give us you your background something new! We have a jhud already! Bring us some asain twang!!! This is why close to 0 asain artist make it because they spend their whole career trying to duplicate other artist and backgrounds! Where that one special Asian girl whose going to represent to Asia and asain Americans!!! That’s who we are looking for! Taylor swift gave us the white girl! Beyonce gave us the black girl! Jlo gave us the Spanish girl! Where the fuck is the asain girl??? Their to busy trying to duplicate and are freaking terrible at it! People aren’t stupid we KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING!!!! you just don’t know what you look like!

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