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New Music: Ke$ha – ‘Crazy Kids (feat. Will I Am)’

New Music: Ke$ha – ‘Crazy Kids (feat. Will I Am)’

The reigning Queen and King of Auto-Tune, Ke$ha and will.i.am, team up for a remix of the former’s new single, “Crazy Kids.” The song is the third official single from Ke$ha’s latest album, Warrior, which was released last December.

Honestly, I thought that the original “Crazy Kids” was fine without a guest verse from will.i.am, but I guess that in the end, it may only help the song commercially. That’s all I’ll say.

Listen to Ke$ha and will.i.am’s new version of “Crazy Kids” below. The track is expected to impact radio on Monday, April 29th. What do you think about the song?

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  • EmmaB

    I liked the original version better!

  • uchee

    Why on earth would they ruin this song with will.i.am? I’m just going to listen, his verse ruins everything.

  • tyler

    This song was perfect. Ready for radio….more ready than C’mon ever was. And then Will.I.Am had to come take a shit all over it. I hope its still a hit

  • Abdullah

    It’s a great song! Kesha is amazing. will.i.am will just help make it to the charts and radio airplay.

  • Tony

    Seriously? Will.i.am sucks!!! Why Ke$ha? D: Why? Why did you let him ruin a perfectly good song? D:

  • Animal

    I think that this song is awesome!It had been more perfectly with will.i.am insert!I luv it<3*-*:D

  • Jamesgaga

    I love the original, and I hate Will.i.am, so I was never going to like the remixed version. But I actually hate it. It was the best song off the album, and I get he is a commercial help but he has just ruined it! I am an Animal, so I love Ke$ha but I don’t like the fact she has killed her song just for a chance at placing higher in the charts, which it’s not likely to do now anyway because of that idiot!

  • bobs

    Should have been the first single without this dumb remix. Will.I.Am ruins it completely. I really hate the additions. Too bad, this album is excellent but all the wrong decisions have been made regarding the promo, the videos, the looks.

    Die Young was a hit, but the video sucked ass and the song didn’t show any growth. C’mon just sucks.

    Second single should have been CRAZY KIDS
    Summer single should have been TRANS AM.


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