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Full Details on Mariah Carey’s New ‘Dreams’ Fragrance

Full Details on Mariah Carey’s New ‘Dreams’ Fragrance

Last evening, Mariah Carey announced that she would be releasing a new fragrance called Dreams sometime this spring, but we didn’t get the rundown on the cent until now.

Mariah Carey Dreams, described as a “feminine fragrance that celebrates the many stages of life and evokes the most intimate memories,” will be available next month, exclusively at Kohl’s stores.

Top notes:

Salted caramel apple and star anise combine with bergamot and toasted almonds for an unforgettable scent.

Middle notes:

A sensual hint of honeysuckle intertwines with alluring freesia and a delicate undertone of lily of the valley, creating a feminine middle.

Base notes:

A blend of warm patchouli, Tonka bean and Madagascar vanilla grounds the scent with a subtle, alluring aroma.

The bottle design:

Designed to mirror the curves of a champagne flute, the Mariah Carey Dreams bottle is a tribute to Mariah’s festive nature.

About making fragrances, Carey says:

“The process of developing a fragrance is exhilarating and it takes me to another place within my creative self, which is why I enjoyed creating Mariah Carey Dreams. I humbly call myself a ‘perfumer in training’ because I love it so much – almost as much as I love making music. I have the utmost respect for the perfumers because they have the ability to combine a few simple scents into a classic and exciting fragrance.”

Dreams will be sold in two different sizes, 1.0 oz and 1.7 oz, for $39 and $49, respectively.



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