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Snapshots: Chris Brown, Karrueche Reunite for Black Pyramid Clothing Launch

Snapshots: Chris Brown, Karrueche Reunite for Black Pyramid Clothing Launch

Chris Brown and his part-time girlfriend Karrueche Tran were spotted together at the Agenda Show in Long Beach California, on Saturday January 5th.

Karrueche Chris 1


Chris Brown Black Pyramid

Chris Brown takes a picture with a fan, Karrueche Tran in background

Tran was on-hand for the launch of Brown’s new Black Pyramid clothing line, and even posed for pictures with a few fans while at the event.

While it is not all the way clear who or what Brown is dating at the moment, it is no secret that Tran has been at his side for quite sometime and it’s not too surprising that she went to show support.

Karrueche Black Pyramid

In the meanwhile, Brown has also been rekindling his old flame with Rihanna a.k.a his “BFF”, and she, too, is a supporter of the Black Pyramid line. Actually, RihRih was just spotted out with Brown earlier this week wearing one the brand’s sweatshirts.

Interestingly, Brown sold out of the following t-shirt with a picture of himself and Rihanna on it, which was listed on Black Pyramid’s online store.

Chrianna Tshirt


Chrianna BP

To see everything Chris Brown has in store (pun alert), head over to Black Pyramid!

Photos: The Fashion Bomb and Tumblr

  • Cupidore

    Why is Chris driving with Karrucche in his car to the Black Pyramid Launch, where is the car she drives that he bought for her…nonsense in my eyes, could be wrong and hope I am. Chris needs to know how this will look in the public and media domain or maybe he discussed this situation with RiRi and she agreed. This sounds so un-real where this girl is still in the picture after what Christina Milian said which sounded like a plot to me on the Wendy show and her posing in a T-shirt fiving the impression she slept with Chris..so stupid. “Chris Brown if you are not willing to give Rihanna 100% leave her alone, she placed her career at risk by declaring her deep love and affection for you to the whole world and YOU need to step up or get out!!! “

  • ben

    chris brown is better to be with karueche than riri because with rihanna u stand to loose a lot career wise . Remember rihanna in ur life the media wuld always refer to ur violent past even as u try to move above it. With karueche ur girl her fresh brand and sparkles wuld help the world knoe u are s change man.

  • dintem

    this little boy called a girl is just a pis of shit, and u mother fucker called chris leave rih rih alone fool

  • breezystonedaddict

    Be aware & be alert young Chrianna fans there are some very mysterious, mind controlling games going on here in this love triangle. Everytime Rihanna is out of the picture Chris is immediately in the presence of K.T. Weird? Yes it is but it’s a planned, controlled & manipulative plan by the puppeteers to have the worlds 2 famous RnB artists influence the youth in believing that there is nothing sinister about loving 2 or more people at the same time. This goes against everything God commands us not to do, that’s why they’re forced to portray this nonsense.
    Drama sells!! Either way the 3 of them are fine with playing this sick game but to be honest Rihanna will be the biggest loser here beacause she’s the one whom has sacrificed the most & is putting alot at stake because of her undying love for C.B. Time will tell!!

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