In a recent sit-down on MTV’s show ‘This Is How I Made It’, R&B singer Ciara discusses the ups and downs of her ten-year career in the music industry.

With her new album ‘One Woman Army’ due sometime this year, the “Goodies” singer opens up about the commercial failure she experienced with her latest album ‘Basic Instinct’, and how she uses her lows to push forward and grow as an artist.

“My album ‘Basic Instinct’ was the lowest sales Ive ever experienced – extremely low. It was already the album before that that wasn’t as successful as my other albums then ‘Basic Instinct’ was worse than that one.


There’s nothing like having  tons and tons of success and seeing everything go right to having something not work out exactly how you’ve been experiencing. It’s def a little punch to the  heart when something like that happens.


However, those are the moments that define you.”

I’m definitely rooting for you CiCi! I know you can come back strong.

To watch Ciara’s full episode of ‘This Is How I Made It’ get your popcorn ready and head over here.

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