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New Music: Fantasia – ‘Lose to Win’

New Music: Fantasia – ‘Lose to Win’

Fantasia makes a valiant return with her new single “Lose to Win”. The track is the lead single from her forthcoming album, the first since her 2010 LP, ‘Back to Me’. In a recent interview, the ‘Idol’ winner described the album as “rock soul,” and said that it would be released around March of 2013.

“Lose to Win” is a very appropriate song for Fantasia considering all she has been through over the past few years, especially with her highly publicized relationship.

On the song, she sings wholeheartedly, “Have you ever needed someone so bad?/ But he ain’t willing to make it last/ Sometimes you gotta lose to win again.” She continues, “If it makes you cry, cry, cry/ All you do is smile/Can you not sleep at night?/ Sometimes you gotta lose to win again.”

The song features an old school sound, working seamlessly with her soulful vocals. I’ve always loved Fantasia’s voice, and it certainly has not gone anywhere. “Lose to Win” is a solid effort, and I really like it! It’s rather different and very unexpected. Good job, Fanny!

The track will be available for purchase on iTunes on January 8th, but listen below in the meanwhile:


  • ras

    love it fantasia its the one


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