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New Music: Nicki Minaj – ‘Freedom’

New Music: Nicki Minaj – ‘Freedom’

Rapper-turned-pop-star Nicki Minaj has just released the lead single from her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up’ album re-release!

On the track titled “Freedom,” Nicki gives a shout out to her team who has had her back from the beginning, expressing how great it feels to be where she is in her career right now.

While Nicki delivers some pretty solid rap verses, she unleashes her singing voice on the chorus, cooing, “I feel free/ I feel freedom/ Why they mad?/ You should see them.” Hm, okay.

Take a listen to “Freedom” and let me know what you think! Does it make you want to buy the re-release on November 19th?

I think I really like this song! Besides the awkward attempts at singing, Nicki has delivered a solid effort prior to her album re-release. It should be noted that project’s real lead single – “The Boys (feat. Cassie)” – has been officially labeled as a promo single after failing miserably on the charts.

But, now is the time to celebrate positivity and the freedom we have. Good job, Nicki! Or Roman. Whichever character of yours you are today. :)

  • Abdou

    Hi guys,i am a great fan of nicki,am all the way in gambia,west africa.i wish i can listen to freedom right now but i can not,anyways,got some tracks like marilyn monro,starships,right thru me and more.i love nicki like crazy,am even following her on twitter.am her great fan!!!

  • Steph

    I am a huuuuge Nicki fan! I loooove this song, it reminds me of the Nicki I fell in love with :) although I can’t buy it in Australia yet :/ now, I just have to say she is not a “rapper turned pop-star” she is still a rapper and does some pop on the side, please correct yourself!!

  • Mike

    Thats not just nikki on the chorus its my homegirls Candace Wakefield and Keisha Renee

    • Malachi

      Nicki begins the first chorus and they come in later. Those two sound good though!

  • B0SS

    Not only is Lil Nicki stuck in her adolescent years *please see every outfit she wears and all video concepts*… she’s stuck doing the SAME music from 2008. Such a stagnate barb….


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