The 2012 elections are over and I am just as happy as the next person! No more stress, no more hate (yeah, okay), and also no more of those ads on YouTube or my TV!

Well, I don’t really like talking about politics, but obviously some people aren’t as happy about the outcome of the election as others. Anyway, here’s something that could make your day a little better – even if your presidential candidate did not win.

This isn’t exactly a free gift, but it is close enough: t-shirts! Who in the world doesn’t like t-shirts? CafePress is offering a t-shirt for both of the major parties to the tune of $3 (plus $5.25 for S&H). One is a President Obama “victory” shirt, while the other one is a mordant “don’t blame me” shirt for Non-President Governor Romney. 

Obama Victory T-Shirt

Romney T-Shirt

To purchase yours, head over here and enter the promo code VOTESRIN when you check out. You have until Nov 30th.

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